“Griot Ballads” (Parts I-IV) is a digital media installation/film on African mythology, Afrofuturism, Black feminism, Latin American and Caribbean performance as cultural and social activism. This project was originally conceived as a devised piece with live performance, spoken word, dance/movement, and digital media, with performances scheduled in Sacramento, CA, at the Fringe Theatre Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland for summer 2020.


Due to COVID-19, “Griot Ballads” transformed into a digital media installation that can be viewed as is, or in a museum setting, or for my future use as background, superimposed projections with live performance including dance/movement.


Thanks to Yayra Tamakloe, Alexis Destiny Fennell, Abigail Ramsay, Angela Ahlgren, PhD, Fadi Skeiker, PhD, Beliza Torres Narváez, PhD, and Maria Andréa dos Santos Soares, PhD.


I strongly condemn racism (systemic, structural, violent, covert and overt), against police brutality, against anti-Blackness. Say their names…

June 2020

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